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Special Needs Hunting

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Special Needs Hunting
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Special Needs Hunting Access Program

The objective of the program is to provide those persons with mobility impairment the opportunity to have hunting access to areas that are normally closed to motor vehicles.

Any disabled persons who wish to obtain a pass and key to gain access to Corps of Engineers property must first obtain a Disabled Hunting Permit from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has developed a list of requirements and criteria a person must meet to obtain a permanent or temporary disabled persons permit. When completed, this form can be forwarded to the local Wildlife Conservation Officer or sent to the Game Commission South Central Regional Office located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The Game Commission will review the application and approve or deny the permit.

Once a disabled hunting permit is obtained, interested persons must bring their permit, their PA hunting license, driver’s license and vehicle information to the Ranger Office for further processing of a Corps Hunting Access Pass under the following procedures.

  1. Obtain a Disabled Hunting Permit from the PA Game    Commission.

  2. Apply for a Corps of Engineers Hunting Access Pass. The pass may be obtained during business hours Monday - Friday at the Raystown Lake Visitors Center or the Ranger Office on or after September 1. Keys will be issued after permit is obtained.

  3. Provide all applicable hunting license information for desired hunting seasons (archery stamp, muzzleloader stamp, antlerless deer permit).

  4. Receipt of a pass acknowledges the pass holder’s agreement to abide with all terms of the pass as set forth in these guidelines.

  5. Provide a security deposit for a gate key ($50.00 cash - returnable deposit required) allowing the pass holder access to gated areas.

Permit Rules and Restrictions

  1. The Raystown Lake pass allows the pass holder and one other person ingress and egress to areas not normally open for vehicular traffic. This special access is not to be used to transport game for other hunters. Violation will result in automatic and immediate termination of the permit for whatever period of time deemed necessary by the Raystown Lake manager.

  2. Applications for Corps Hunting Access Passes will not be accepted until September 1. However, encouraged hunters are to apply for their PA Game Commission disabled hunting permit early. The Corps Permit will not be processed without proof of the PA Game Commission disabled hunting permit. 

    A key providing access through selected gates shall be issued to the pass holder each year after September 1 and returned to the office where the pass was obtained no later than February 15. Keys will not be issued for use during the scheduled spring gobbler season. Failure to return the key by February 15 will result in revocation of the pass and loss of the $50.00 key deposit. This key may not be duplicated. If lost, report the loss immediately to the Manager, Raystown Lake.   

  1. The Corps Access Pass is for access on Corps of Engineers, Raystown Lake property only and not valid at any other Corps of Engineers facility. The Disable Hunter Permit obtained from the PA. Game Commission is applicable statewide. All Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations must be followed.

  2. Vehicles are NOT permitted to travel “off road” or traverse secondary roads, which may radiate from the primary road.

  3. Keys issued in conjunction with this pass are to be used only for the purpose of valid hunting access and in accordance with all local, state and federal laws governing hunting. Unauthorized use of the key may result in termination of pass privileges.

  4. Pass use in association with scouting purposes are restricted to one calendar week before the opening of the season and in accordance with State laws regulating scouting.

  5. Vehicles associated with use of this shall be confined to licensed vehicles, all terrain vehicles (ATV’s), and snowmobiles as they are listed on the pass application. Other vehicles must have prior approval from the Manager, Raystown Lake. ATVs must be licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry and display the universal access symbol for the disabled. Permitted persons may go no more than 100 yards from the nearest road edge to establish a hunting location. Speed may not exceed 10 mph. ATV may not be used to traverse waterways or wet areas.

  6. Special Needs Passes must be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle dashboard. In the event the pass is used with an ATV or snowmobile, display the pass in such a manner that it can be read for inspection by a ranger.

  7. Damage to Government property as a result from use of this pass shall be immediately reported to the Manager, Raystown Lake. The permittee shall be responsible for reimbursing the Government for repairs.

  8. It shall be understood that these roads are UNIMPROVED and that the Government assumes no responsibility for continued maintenance for the purposes of providing ingress and egress under this policy. The Government will not be responsible for injury to persons or damage to property out of or incident to the use and occupancy of the property and the Corps shall be indemnified and saved harmless for any and all claims for any such injury or damage.

  9. Access is only permitted at those gates which display the      Raystown Lake Special Needs Hunting Access signs. These include gates 1, 5, 7, 8, 13, 27a, 27b, 28, 35, 36. Access to all other areas is prohibited!

  10. Any violation of the terms of this pass may result in immediate revocation of your pass, loss of key deposit and/or issuance of a citation under section 327.12a of Title 36 Chapter III of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Information on special needs hunting passes may be obtained by contacting Wildlife Biologist Jeff Krause at 814-658-6813.


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