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Raystown's Eagles

US Army Corps of Engineers at Raystown Lake


2012 Eagle Update
BLad eagle - the most popular bird at Raystown Lake

The most popular bird at Raystown Lake is the Bald Eagle.  The eagle is listed as Pennsylvania endangered, however, due to the recovery, the bald eagle is no longer federally listed under the Endangered Species Act.  Several federal laws remain in effect including the Bald Eagle Protection Act provides continuing protection for the bald Eagle.

EagleSeveral areas where visitors may catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird include the river downstream of the dam and near the 994 bridge. During mid winter surveys as many as 19 wintering eagles have been observed throughout Raystown Lake. Currently four nests sites are located at Raystown Lake which has fledged 46 young eagles since 1999.

Click here to learn about threatened endangered species and Raystown's Bald Eagle Management


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